The new hospital will assist Bendigo Health in being recognised as a world-class regional health service in an integrated academic precinct.

It will be amongst the best health services across Australia in terms of key performance indicators including access, quality and efficiency.

The community in Bendigo and beyond will have pride in their local regional health service and confidence in the ability of Bendigo Health to meet their needs.

The new hospital will provide a tranquil and caring environment.

Staff will be attracted to work in the new hospital by the commitment to ongoing learning, research and innovation in a 21st century environment.

The new hospital will welcome visitors with convenient parking and comfortable facilities.

It will be sustainable, energy-efficient and future-ready.

Bendigo Health will partner effectively with other health services in the Region and beyond to ensure continuity of care and local delivery of treatment where possible.

Information on Bendigo Health services will be readily available to patients and their families.

Modern technologies will support treatment and recuperation in hospital and at home where possible.

Bendigo Health will achieve this vision through:

  • Committing to the realisation of this vision through policy decisions, operational plans and planning for the new Bendigo Hospital
  • Effective engagement of staff and the community in developing and implementing the vision
  • The Government’s investment in the Bendigo Hospital Project
  • Partnering with the Department of Health to deliver the benefits of the Bendigo Hospital Project
  • Changing policies and processes to make the most of the opportunity of the Bendigo Hospital Project
  • Working collaboratively with its academic partners to attract students, develop staff and grow research capability
  • Engaging with other health services in the Loddon Mallee Region to build links to support continuity of care and enhance local capability
  • Working constructively with the City of Greater Bendigo on matters of mutual interest to ensure the best outcomes for the Bendigo community
  • Working collaboratively with key service providers and suppliers.