Surgeons tour new operating theatres

April 26, 2016:

FullSizeRenderLocal surgeons and anaesthetists will deliver world-class healthcare in a world class environment as completion of the new Bendigo Hospital Project draws closer. Bendigo Health Board Chair, Bob Cameron, joined local surgeons and anaesthetists on a tour of the new theatre complex today, to showcase what will be their new working environment in 2017.

“The operating theatres in the new Bendigo hospital are state-of-the-art,” Mr Cameron said.

“The room layout and technology that has been integrated into the design and build of the operating theatres will ensure patients receive outstanding treatment from our surgeons and their clinical teams.”

The new Bendigo hospital is being built to cater for the next 50 years and it allows for expansion in decades ahead for an increased theatre capacity of up to 11 theatres.The features of the new theatre complex include, state–of-the-art anaesthetic machines, a patient flow management system, a fully integrated patient monitoring system that will allow doctors and nurses to see the vital signs of patients from remote areas, a three stage recovery area and improved infection control.

“All of these features incorporated into the design are to improve patient care, unnecessary waiting times and streamline hospital services,” Mr Cameron added.

operating theatre visit“An exclusive patient elevator, that will service Theatres, Intensive Care, Maternity and the Emergency Department, will also result in improved patient flow and treatment for critically ill patients.”

Bendigo Health Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr John Edington, said staff have given a lot of time towards providing input and feedback during the design process to ensure the best possible outcome.

“The effort and engagement of both clinical and support staff has been enormous,” he said.

“The design of all of the clinical areas has been reviewed and refined by the people who will be working there, to ensure the best outcome for patients today and into the future.

“It is a great credit to Bendigo Health clinical and support staff who have managed this while at the same time treating record numbers of patients in the existing hospital.” #ends#