Restoring heritage buildings to former glory

Although the new Bendigo Hospital cuts an imposing figure on the city’s skyline, heritage buildings that have stood the test of time are also benefiting from the Bendigo Hospital Project. Works to restore Bendigo Health’s heritage buildings continue and once complete, will become an important feature of the overall precinct.

“We know Bendigo has an incredibly rich architectural history and this is something we want to celebrate,” Bendigo East MP Jacinta Allan said during a tour of the restoration site. “The works associated with heritage restoration include the Hope Street wall, the Anne Caudle Centre, the former Lying-in Hospital, West Wing, Concert Hall and the former Superintendent’s Building.

“Once the restoration and associated landscaping works are complete, these magnificent buildings will once again shine.”

Earlier this week, a new entrance to the majestic Anne Caudle Centre building opened, complete with three level lift and disabled access.

External works on the West Wing, Concert Hall and Old Lying-In Hospital are complete and internal refurbishment continues.

“These buildings will be repurposed for offices and internal staff training, so not only will they look fantastic, but they will be put to good use,” Bendigo Health board chair, Bob Cameron, said.

Heritage works and associated landscaping throughout this precinct will continue until around the second half of 2017.