March 2014

The acute hospital is rapidly moving both up and out as construction accelerates. At the Arnold St end of the site the columns that will support the first floor are now visible above the hoarding. They will be followed soon by the formwork that will allow the pouring of the first floor.

The bulk excavation that was started by the Premier on 26th of August last year is now complete with around 149,000 tonnes of soil removed from site. Some detailed excavation will continue.

Both the slab on ground and ground floor are simultaneously being poured, extending the structure to the west.

The second tower crane, named Maximus, was erected over the 4th weekend in March. The foundations for the third tower crane, to the west of the second, are now also visible.

The precast concrete that is forming the walls of the basement continue to be erected along the perimeter, clearly defining the shape of the new hospital.

Closer to the Hope St end of the site the foundations for a stairwell are being constructed. Now that the bulk excavation has been completed the tiering of the ground towards the Hope St end can be seen, as can the pad footings for the new kitchen.

Works on the new childcare centre continue with the structure steel about to be erected.  Near the childcare centre the fit out and final works on the hotel also continue in advance of its expected opening in early May.

Over the next few months the upgrade of services to the entire hospital precinct will occur with works to occur on a range of locations outside the construction site. These works will facilitate the power, water and sewerage needs of the entire precinct and are occurring in conjunction with Bendigo Health.