Lucy in the Sky

Congratulations Victoria Scicluna

Congratulations Victoria Scicluna

Congratulations Victoria Scicluna

Yesterday the Minister for Health David Davis visited the Bendigo Hospital Project construction site to congratulate the child who won the competition to name the fourth crane, ‘Lucy’.

This was an extra special day for Bendigo Health because the winning child, Victoria Scicluna, is the daughter of two of our staff.

Victoria entered the competition with the name ‘Lucy in the Sky’ to pay tribute to her twin sister, who was sadly still born in June 2004.

This was a special day for the whole family including Victoria’s mother, Anita Scicluna, Manager of Health Information Services and father, David Scicluna, Nurse from District Nurse Services to remember their daughter Lucy.

The family were joined by the twin girls midwife Sally Collier-Clarke, who is also a member of staff here. Sally has become a close friend of the family since she cared for Anita during the birth and both Anita and David were thrilled she could join them for this special event. There was an extra surprise for Sally who was able to see the future location of the Women’s and Children’s unit whilst they toured the construction site.

Lucy is the final crane to arrive at the Bendigo Hospital Project site and will help build the new hospital alongside the first three cranes Ben, Maximus and Cranium.