Historic pillars temporarily removed for safe keeping

The historic pillars at the Lucan Street entrance of the Bendigo Hospital will be carefully and temporarily removed on Saturday to allow construction access.

Executive director Bendigo Hospital Project David Walker said the temporary removal of the iconic pillars is necessary to widen the front entrance for construction access.

“We have contracted a qualified stonemason to remove the pillars and they will be placed in storage until construction works are completed at the front of this site, Mr Walker said.

“The pillars are an important part of Bendigo Health’s history and we expect they will be returned to their home at the Lucan Street entrance towards the end of 2014.

“Every effort is being made to protect heritage across Bendigo Health and we are working closely with Heritage Victoria on a number of projects to link our history with our new hospital,” Mr Walker added.

The Lucan Street entrance to the hospital will be temporarily closed while the stonemason removed the pillars on Saturday. Access to the hospital during this time will be via Arnold Street.