Construction update – July 2016

Despite the freezing conditions we’ve experienced this winter, construction of the new hospital continues on schedule and stage-one of the project has surpassed 85 per cent completion.There are 300 workers active on the site, involved with many facets of the hospital’s development.
For instance, work continues in and around the 46 courtyards and terraces, incorporating many creative features, and some with sweeping city views. Right now we’re seeing the planting of mature trees, while smaller shrubs are due to be planted in the coming months, closer to spring.
Workers are busy along the extended stretch of Mercy Street (Mercy Street East), which once opened, will form pedestrian and vehicle access into Arnold Street. Mercy Street will be the primary vehicle route to the hospital for the general public, and currently asphalt, concrete kerbing, edging, channelling and footpath construction work is occurring.
The new kitchen opened at the Bendigo Hospital Project, on Tuesday July 5, launching the new hospital’s first operational service. This new food service, operated by facilities manager Spotless, now services the existing Bendigo Health services. The new kitchen service signals the start of much activity in the new loading dock and goods supply area, with Bendigo Health’s supply and procurement services also starting in the new hospital this month. Alongside, on Drought Street, works continue with footpath surfacing, landscaping and the completion of the emergency department access and ambulance bays.
On the Barnard Street campus, the restoration and development work by Bendigo Health, at the Anne Caudle Centre, continues while the Bendigo Hospital Project is currently embarking on an internal fit-out for the old ‘lying-in’ hospital, which is destined for a repurposed future.
Landscaping across the new hospital’s two sites will create an essential balance, with the clever use of lines, materials, feature work and plants. Currently plans for the demolition of the old kitchen, staff amenities building and Perrin Plaza are about to become reality, and from this month onwards, these works will proceed. Once the non-heritage buildings fall, major earthworks and landscaping work will begin in earnest.
Fondly known as the Main Street, the internal entrance to this world-class hospital development is making major headway. Right now, skilled workers are busily fitting-out this prominent atrium style forecourt. The floor paving is at least 70 per cent complete, as workers also focus on features such as the eye-catching timber-lined staircase and its glass balustrade.
Inside the building the focus has turned to testing the many systems that support the new hospital’s functionality. Successful pressure testing, for instance, has been achieved in areas such as the operating theatres and the hospital pharmacy areas. Successfully tested also, is the mobile phone reception, as it is vital that mobile connectivity reaches all areas of the building. Other equipment such as steam boilers and the security system have been tested recently, with both gaining a positive outcome.