Construction update – September 2014

The second building in the Bendigo Hospital Project is almost complete with the final stages of work underway on the childcare centre in Yarrington House. The operator, Jenny’s ELC, are now undertaking landscaping and the fit out required enabling it to formally open and operate as childcare centre.

Structural and service work continues on the hospital. There are now only 44 separate concrete pours to be competed on the hospital site.

On the lower west building there are 11 pours remaining before the structure is finished. A significant portion of level 2 has been poured and scaffolding has been stripped from level one and below.

On the taller east building there are 33 pours remaining. Structural construction activity has reached the fourth level and scaffolding has been stripped up to level two. It is interesting to note that on each level some of the detailed features required for the fit out are clear, for instance the sunken area for the shared ensuites are apparent. The amazing views that patients will have are also visible now with the 4th level providing views of Mount Alexander.

With the scaffolding removed the next part of the building’s construction can occur. In the basement of the east building the service trades, for instance the electricians and plumbers, are moving in along with the blocklayers. Over the coming months this will be repeated on the upper levels.

The next significant stage in the construction occurs around the middle of September when the partition trades commence work building the internal walls. External precast cladding elements to the façade will commence installation in mid September. This will significantly change the external and internal presentation of the building as it will more closely resemble the final outcome.

The third and last of the cranes to be lifted had its height raised in mid-August.

Progress can be monitored on the webcam available at the Bendigo Health website or through the viewing holes on Hope Street.

Information current 12 Septembr 2014.