Construction update – October 2014

bhp_construction_update_image_1The structure of the new Bendigo Hospital is fast approaching completion with only 25 concrete pours remaining.

On the shorter western structure there are 5 pours remaining and 20 on the eastern structure. The eastern side is currently at level 5. So far around 70 per cent of the 71,500m2 concrete projected has been used in the structure.

As the structure is finalised the Lend Lease team are transforming the site with scaffolding being progressively removed – up to level 3 now – to make way for the longer job of fitting out the world class hospital.

The workforce remains reasonably stable at around 270 but it will increase more than twofold over the next twelve months with plumbers, plasterers, electricians and a range of other trades commencing.


This is now in evidence in the ground floor where the stud framing for the plaster walls is under construction. In the basement blockwork is passed the half way mark and facilities have also been built for the expanding workforce.

On the outside the façade has commenced with the commencement of the precast concrete elements. Of the 1,200 panels to be installed 95 are in place.

Under the ground there is some unseen but important activity with the existing service tunnels being used to connect the new hospital to the pipes used to distribute oxygen.

The childcare centre is complete and the last works required, external decking and landscaping are underway.

Progress can be monitored on the webcam available at the Bendigo Health website or through the viewing holes on Hope Street.

Information current 8 October 2014