Construction update – November 2014

The structure of the new Bendigo Hospital will be finished before Christmas.nov_construction_update_image_1

The slab for the seventh floor of the hospital is being poured and the lower floors are being transformed by the installation of walls and services.

Over 61,800 square meters of concrete have been poured so far and there is just over 10 per cent left to go in the overall structure. The west building is almost complete and around one and a half floors remain on the east building.

With scaffolding being removed from the internal street the foyer area of the new hospital with its angular internal flyovers between upper floors is now obvious. In Mercy St you can see through to Drought St.

On the exterior the installation of the 1,200 precast façade panels is well underway with 219 already in place. Unlike a lot of the work now underway inside the hospital this is clearly visible to passersby.nov_construction_update_image_2

Within the structure the scaffolding has been stripped to up to level 2.

On the ground floor the internal corridors and rooms in the future emergency department are increasingly evident. The recessed areas for baths and showers have been revealed and frames for stud walls are being installed. The first plasterboard has also been installed. Along the roof the myriad of pipes and trays required for services such as IT and oxygen are being fitted.

From Mercy St the specially constructed steel columns that support the level three slab has been installed.

The childcare centre in Yarrington House has been completed and is now operating. This is the second completed building of the Bendigo Hospital Project.

Information current as at 12 November 2014.