Construction update – August 2014

An important milestone was passed in the last month as more than 50 per cent of the concrete needed to construct the new Bendigo Hospital has been poured. There are now only 56 separate slabs to be poured before the structure is complete.

Towards the end of the last month a second crane had its height raised to facilitate the construction of the higher levels of the structure.

On the east portion of the building the form work for the 4th level is being erected as the columns are being constructed to support it. This process will continue until around the end of the year when the structure is topped out.

In the lower levels the scaffolding is being removed. This has occurred in the basement car park and now in the area adjacent to the street on what will be ground level, where the Emergency Department and Medical Imaging will be located.

In the west building preparations are underway for the pour of level one which will form a roof over the Integrated Cancer Centre and central energy unit. The west building will be topped out before the east building

The very thick walls in the Integrated Cancer Centre, effectively a building within a building, have been finished and the heavy beams to support the roof also now installed.

Yarrington House, to be used as a childcare centre, is into its final stages of construction. Inside it has reached the lock up stage and has working power. Outside work on the deck and fencing is underway.

Progress can be monitored on the webcam available at the Bendigo Health website or through the viewing holes on Hope Street.

Information current 5 August 2014