Clinical leader joins the Bendigo Hospital project team

To increase involvement of senior medical staff in the New Bendigo Hospital project, Dr Jason Fletcher has joined the project team as a clinical leader.

Executive Director New Bendigo Hospital David Walker said that senior medical staff want to be involved in the project, particularly in relation to aspects that impact on their clinical practice.

“As the New Bendigo Hospital clinical leader, Dr Fletcher will develop a strong understanding of the project, play a key role in communication and consultation and be a key person senior medical staff can go to, to talk about the project.

“He will assist in providing clinical expertise into the project, ensuring the suggestions and feedback from our senior medical staff are communicated to the project team and that information about the project is distributed accurately throughout the organisation”, Mr Walker said.

Dr Fletcher joined Bendigo Health in 2006 and is an intensivist in Bendigo Health’s intensive care unit, supervisor of advanced intensive care unit training and head of intensive care unit research. He is also a medical representative on Bendigo Health’s Medical Advisory Committee, Quality Council and board meetings.

Dr Fletcher said that his interests include improving quality of care through system improvements and identifying the deteriorating patient in the non-intensive care unit setting.

“The New Bendigo Hospital needs to be designed so that it is fully functional for the next 50 to 70 years.

“Bendigo is the tertiary referral centre for the Loddon Mallee region and we need to ensure it meets the needs of the current population, future generations and also the people that will work, train and perform clinical research here.

“In addition to the physical redevelopment, innovative processes and technology needs to be investigated and implemented so that the New Bendigo Hospital is world class not only physically, but more importantly in how it looks after patients,” Dr Fletcher said.