Jobs boost as new Bendigo Hospital welcomes new retail tenant

Sixty new retail and hospitality jobs will be created at the new Bendigo Hospital when it opens, Bendigo East MP, Jacinta Allan, announced today. While inspecting the new Bendigo Hospital construction site today, Ms Allan congratulated retail and hospitality specialist, Zouki, the company that has been awarded the tender for the full array of retail services at the new Bendigo Hospital.
“This is very good news, because these 60 additional jobs are on top of the 220 full-time and part-time new healthcare roles, previously announced by the State Government, for the coming year.
“With 10 years of planning, design and building, we are now really seeing the ongoing jobs benefits,” she said.

According to project consortium Exemplar Health’s chief executive Michele Morrison, the Zouki group is a highly experienced company, and an ideal fit for the new Bendigo Hospital.
“The Zouki outlets within the new hospital will ensure that everyone who comes to the hospital, be it as a staff member, patient or visitor, will be able to access an outstanding array of healthy meals, snacks, gifts, flowers, convenience goods and services,” Ms Morrison said.
“The Zouki bid has fully accommodated our vision for the new hospital and this announcement will boost local employment, with the Zouki group forecasting to employ more than 190 local staff across both stages of the project,” she explained.

The successful bid by Zouki, which in Stage One of the project, includes five shops: quality food, convenience, floristry and gift store, ‘The Larder’; wholesome natural eatery, ‘The Green Shop Organic’; cart-style coffee-bar, ‘Coffeebox’, plus fresh food, juice and salad bar, ‘Healthy Fillings’. The fifth outlet is Zouki’s centrepiece brasserie-café which will be open from breakfast to dinner. A ‘name the café’ competition for this flagship new hospital outlet will be offered to Bendigo Health and Spotless staff, with the winner and winning café name to be announced later this year.
The Melbourne-based Zouki group has more than 60 outlets active across Australia, operating in many public and private hospital settings, including the Royal Women’s Hospital, Epworth Geelong and Box Hill Hospital in Victoria.

This retail announcement is in response to a stringent process carried out by Exemplar Health, which included an ‘expression of interest’ (EOI) stage that shortlisted 27 applicants. The EOI was followed by a three-month request-for-proposal (RFP) submission phase, and more recently, a shortlisting interview process with Exemplar Health and Bendigo Health.
Zouki executive director, Mr Faddy Zouky, expressed delight about being part of the Bendigo Hospital Project.
“On behalf of my brothers, I am thrilled to be involved in such a landmark project, and we look forward to adding value to the Bendigo community, its local commercial supply chains, the thriving Bendigo Health staff community and culture, while also making a positive philanthropic contribution to the Bendigo Health Foundation,” Mr Zouky said.
Bendigo Health chief executive, John Mulder said staff, patients, their families and everybody who spends time at the hospital would benefit from the decision. “Having high quality food and retail choices will enhance the quality of the hospital experience in this state-of-the-art facility, and of course the jobs boost is welcomed,” Mr Mulder said.
“Some of these positions will be offered to Bendigo Health staff members who are currently employed at various shops and cafes on the hospital campus, as Zouki will be prioritising these existing hospital personnel in the job application process, and many employment opportunities will be locally advertised in due course.”

Community Tours day annouced

Local residents will have the opportunity to see inside the new Bendigo Hospital before it is officially opened to the public.

A Community Tours day will be held on Saturday December 3, allowing around 2800 ticket holders the opportunity to gain a sneak peek into the new facility.

“This incredible project is something our community should be very proud of,” said Member for Bendigo East, Jacinta Allan, during a tour of the new hospital with Bendigo Health Board Chair, Bob Cameron.

“This will be a free ticketed event and tours will be about 25 minutes long. Among the areas to be toured on the day will be Emergency, Medical Imaging, Cancer Centre, Intensive Care Unit and Psychiatry.”

Spaces are limited and people are encouraged to get in early to book a scheduled tour time when registrations open on October 24.

For those who miss out on a ticket, Bendigo Health will be releasing videos on the Bendigo Hospital Project website, showcasing each of the scheduled tours that will be staged on the day.

Bendigo Health Board Chair, Bob Cameron, said with around three months remaining before the new Bendigo Hospital opens its doors, the finishing touches are being put on the new facility.

“It is an extremely busy time for the Bendigo Hospital Project and we are grateful that the hospital project’s consortium, Exemplar Health, can accommodate our request to allow community access at this early stage,” Mr Cameron.

“We know that a lot of people are excited about this project and want to see inside the new facility and this is an opportunity for them to do so.”

Registrations will open on the Bendigo Hospital Project website at 9am on Monday 24 October, and will be closed once the allocation is exhausted.

The $630 million Bendigo Hospital Project is Victoria’s largest regional hospital development, delivering world-class healthcare in a tranquil and caring environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

Construction of the new hospital began in 2013, and is scheduled to open in late January 2017.

State announces massive jobs and cash boost

August, 24, 2016: Member for Bendigo East Jacinta Allan today announced that the new Bendigo Hospital will create an additional 220 jobs in its first 12 months of operation.The announcement comes after the State Government committed an additional $32.17 million to Bendigo Health’s 2016-17 annual operating budget. “The new Bendigo Hospital is the biggest ever project for Bendigo and we are not only investing in the building itself, but also in Bendigo Health’s future operations within it,” Ms Allan said.

Bendigo Health board chairman Bob Cameron and Bendigo Health acting CEO Robyn Lindsay joined Member for Bendigo East Jacinta Allan MP to announce jobs and funding boost.

Bendigo Health board chairman Bob Cameron and Bendigo Health acting CEO Robyn Lindsay joined Member for Bendigo East Jacinta Allan MP (centre) to announce jobs and funding boost. Pictured here inspecting newly delivered equipment.

“This project has been ten years in the making since we promised to master plan our future hospital needs. We have always been confident that such a project would see an increase of around 1,000 jobs over the next decade, and today is the start of that journey.”

“This increase in funding from the Labor Government will allow Bendigo Health to increase its staff and services with 220 full and part time jobs, which is fantastic news for people in the Loddon Mallee region.”

Chairman of Bendigo Health, Bob Cameron, said of the 220 staff to be recruited, 80 per cent will be nursing, 10 per cent medical and 10 per cent allied health.

Acting CEO, Robyn Lindsay, said Bendigo Health would begin the recruiting process immediately.

“Naturally, moving into a bigger facility, we anticipate growth in demand for our services and the State Government’s commitment to this is wonderful news,” Ms Lindsay said. “This increase in funding means we can now forge ahead with the recruitment process of these staff.

Mr Cameron said the new Bendigo Hospital will open its doors at the end of January 2017.#ends#

Birth of new maternity facility

Bendigo Health board chairman, Bob Cameron and Women’s and Children’s Services Senior Manager, Fiona Faulks join Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards MP to tour the new maternity services facility.

Bendigo Health board chairman, Bob Cameron and Women’s and Children’s Services senior manager, Fiona Faulks join Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards MP to tour the new maternity services facility in August this year.

August 9, 2016: Expectant mothers and newborn babies will be treated to state-of-the-art maternity services in the new Bendigo Hospital said Bendigo West MP Maree Edwards, as she toured the Bendigo Hospital Project to inspect the new department today.

According to Bendigo West MP Maree Edwards, more than 1300 babies are born at Bendigo Health annually and this figure continues to grow.
“Since 2010, Bendigo Health has seen an almost 15 per cent rise in births and the current facility has reached its capacity.The new maternity unit will have 25 single rooms, all complete with ensuites, compared to 16 in the current facility,” she said.

“Some rooms in the existing facility are shared, which presents challenges for women who are caring for newborn babies – this will not be an issue for families in the new facility,” Ms Edwards explained.

The new hospital will have seven birth suites, compared to the current four. Three birth suites are fitted with baths for use during labor, to assist with pain relief.

Bendigo Health’s Women’s and Children’s Services senior manager, Fiona Faulks said the new features in the maternity services area will be welcomed by staff, patients and families alike. “There is also an overnight stay room where parents who have experienced loss, and are grieving, can spend time with their baby,” she said..

Other advancements include an increase in capacity at the new hospital’s special care nursery, which is designed to care for up to 15 newborns (neonates), compared to a current facility’s capacity of eight.

Bendigo Health board chairman, Bob Cameron said that within the special care nursery there are four rooms offering extra space for parents to stay with their baby or just take a moment to relax while their baby rests.

“Our children’s unit also offers indoor and outdoor play areas for children and adolescents who are being cared for in our hospital.”

The women’s health centre will provide outpatient care for women requiring obstetric or gynaecological care and the waiting area in this space boasts one of the best views across Bendigo.The facility is complete with easily accessible outdoor courtyard areas where mums, dads, friends and family can spend time together outside of the hospital room environment. The new hospital will be open at the end of January 2017.#ends#

Exemplar Health funds RMIT research into hospital design

August 10, 2016: Today at the Bendigo Hospital Project, the Exemplar Health consortium chief executive Michele Morrison launched a research project to be conducted by RMIT, in partnership with Exemplar Health and Bendigo Health. Spanning a three-year period, evaluating both old and new hospital designs, this new study will be based on the hospital’s psychiatric services unit and will evaluate the experiences of its patients, staff and visitors.

With funding of $120k from Exemplar Health, this ‘Design for Wellbeing Research Project’ will be undertaken in two stages, completing its findings in 2018. It aims to provide key insights into how people experience the psychiatric services unit in both the existing Bendigo Health facility and the new Bendigo Hospital to be opened in late January 2017.

According to Ms Morrison, the project will produce new knowledge into the impact of hospital design.
“This study is important – because it focuses on investigating the relationship between users of a physical environment and their ‘lived experience’ of those particular spaces – and the Exemplar Health consortium is proud to support this research.”

Ms Morrison said the research project would pave the way for more effective use and future improvement to design, and will also involve discussions with planners, designers and project teams.
“The research will look into a broad set of aspects including the ‘whole of design’ – architecture, landscape and interiors, to assist in our continual improvement in healthcare infrastructure projects,” she said.

According to Bendigo Health psychiatric services executive director, Associate Professor, Philip Tune the research outcomes will have far-reaching, positive effects.
“From a Bendigo Health perspective, this research project is a very welcome and timely study,” he said.

“In our existing facility, our psychiatric inpatient units spread across three campus sites, however the new hospital will enable us to co-locate, streamlining communications and making consultations far easier for both patients and staff,” Professor Tune said.

At the new 80-bed psychiatry precinct, advancements in design will provide healthcare professionals with new facilities, such as the purpose-designed parent-infant unit, which enables a parent, who has a significant mental illness, to stay in the hospital with their baby.
“It’s important we appreciate the broader design principles applied to our new hospital, which will also offer greater access to green outlooks, courtyard spaces and natural light – all aspects that are proven to bring about a calmer, safer and a more positive environment,” he added.

The project is being undertaken by Distinguished Professor Sarah Pink; Professor Laurene Vaughan and research fellow, Dr Shanti Sumartojo from the RMIT School of Media and Communication’s Digital Ethnography Research Centre and Design Futures Lab.

According to Professor Pink, this project will lead to new understandings of how new and old hospital sites are experienced.
“This study is a fantastic opportunity, and with the ethnographic research methods we use, we can learn first-hand from participants what the hospital building and service designs feel like from their standpoint”

“A key ambition of this project is to demonstrate how collaboration between the academic and the private sector can help transform ground-breaking research into design advances for healthcare facilities,” she concluded.#ends#

Serving up new kitchen

Friday July 8: Bendigo Health chairman, Bob Cameron spoke of the importance of good nutrition in patient recovery, as he announced the opening of the new Bendigo Hospital kitchen and supply department today.
“This is a significant and exciting milestone for healthcare in Bendigo, and indeed regional Victoria,” he said.

“The new hospital will help put patients first by providing better access to high quality healthcare services in a modern facility, and opening the new kitchen today is a highlight,” Mr Cameron added.

Bendigo Health’s supply and procurement staff members have also moved into the new facility and the supply department is now operational at this new location. It’s the hospital’s central point for distributions and dispatches, handling more than 25,000 dispatch and delivery movements each year.

With the new food services operated by facilities management company Spotless, the delivery of meals across all of the existing Bendigo Health sites continues by now utilising a state-of-the-art kitchen. The new kitchen produces 750 meals, three times per day, and meal destinations also include Bendigo Health’s aged-care sites located across the city.

The food services facility now offers added capacity for staff to produce more meals with greater efficiency while meeting today’s stringent hygiene standards.

“This high-tech hospital kitchen, located in close proximity to the newly opened loading dock on Drought Street and the goods supply area, is designed to produce a high volume of meals and to maintain the highest standards in food safety and hygiene,” Mr Cameron said.

“It’s clear to see that the Bendigo Hospital Project has created an optimal environment for the Spotless staff in this kitchen to ensure nutritional care for Bendigo Health patients, through healthy, efficient food delivery.”

According to Spotless facilities director, James Cochlan, the new Bendigo Hospital food services will be evermore central to the overall patient experience.

“Our team will ensure the consistent delivery of high quality food services to patients, as we utilise technological advancements in food preparation, distribution, and safety,” Mr Cochlan said.

The food services facility opened with 80 kitchen staff that made the transition across to new employer, Spotless from Bendigo Health. This recent changeover is ensuring continuity across the board.

“We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, and we’ve welcomed Bendigo Health staff as they come across to the Spotless team, as part of this handover,” he added.

Exemplar Health chief executive Michele Morrison said the kitchen opening marks a team achievement which has delivered an early project milestone for the Bendigo Hospital Project.

“Many components of this project are well advanced, and this week the new kitchen and supply department have become the new hospital’s first fully functioning services, signalling exciting times ahead as we move forward to its opening in late January 2017,”Ms Morrison added.

Courtyard environments promote better health

Patients, visitors and staff at the new Bendigo Hospital will enjoy attractive gardens and also some spectacular views of Bendigo,
because there will be 46 courtyards and terraces incorporated into the new hospital’s forward-thinking design.

As the new hospital's courtyards develop, Fiona Faulks, Bob Cameron and Michele Morrison plant some new grasses.

As the new hospital’s courtyards develop, Bendigo Health’s Fiona Faulks, Bob Cameron and Exemplar Health CEO Michele Morrison plant new growth.

The courtyards are a vision designed to bring people together, while they enjoy natural light, fresh-air and all the advantages of green landscaping at the soon-to-be-completed healthcare facility. The design integrates unique al fresco furniture, communal benches and creative works to further enhance the experience of being outdoors.
“Gone are the days of white windowless hospital corridors and rooms with no access to outdoor areas,” said Bendigo Health board chairman, Bob Cameron.
“This state-of-the-art hospital has been designed to maximise natural light and views into patient rooms and staff work areas. By doing so, this has resulted in open spaces within the hospital boundaries that feature as either a courtyard or terrace.”
Extensive landscaping of all internal and external spaces will create a real sense of a hospital in a garden, providing areas of recuperation and relaxation for patients, their families and staff.
“This makes for a unique and tranquil healing and working environment for patients and staff respectively,” said Bendigo Health Women’s and Children’s Services, senior manager, Fiona Faulks.
“Hospital patrons will be able to reconnect with nature and it is well documented that environments such as these can improve wellness and reduce stress,” she said.
The courtyards include specific indigenous garden, which will be located in gardens adjacent to the Aboriginal Support Service within the new hospital.
“There is also a playfully designed courtyard on level three of the new hospital adjoining the Maternity Unit, which is specially designed for children, featuring garden furniture, a talking tube, spinning wheel and climbing tunnel,” Ms Faulks added.
The design elements also provide a sensory experience in the new hospital’s Psychiatric Services, where there will be 15 internal, light-filled courtyards available to patients – with all spaces incorporating specially designed furniture, sports equipment and communal eating areas.
“Planting in the garden areas will begin in spring this year and the plant selection has been specifically selected for the hospital environment and Bendigo’s climatic extremes,” Mr Cameron added.


Eco efficiency at new hospital

May 27, 2016: The new Bendigo Hospital will be among the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly hospitals in Australia, and its technology, design and green credentials are among the major contributing factors incorporated into the world-class facility.

Touring the new hospital’s rooftop, which features 770 solar panel was Exemplar Health chief executive, Michele Morrison who led Bendigo Health’s board chairman, Bob Cameron, chief executive John Mulder and energy engineer Karin Harding around the site.

The solar panels are among a host of environmental features encompassing the physical building, landscaping, water, waste and energy.

“The new hospital has been designed as a ‘hospital in a garden’, with extensive landscaping and gardens across the precinct to provide areas of recuperation and relaxation for patients, their families and our staff,” Mr Cameron said.

“It is designed to maximise natural light and views from patient rooms and staff working areas, promoting a healing and tranquil environment for all users,” he said.

Supporting Bendigo Health’s vision of healthy communities, stairs that link the hospital together have been developed as a feature, rather than a second thought.

“We want to encourage people to live an active and healthy lifestyle and simple exercise such as using the stairs instead of the lift is a perfect example,” Mr Mulder said.

“There will also be provision for storage for 95 bicycles and amenities available for those who do ride to work.

“Once complete, the beautiful open spaces and gardens for patients, visitors and our staff to walk around will help us continue our drive for a healthier and happier region,” he said.

From an energy perspective, the features are endless with extensive sub-metering of electricity, gas and water consumption so the efficiency of the building can be monitored, optimised and reported.

Visitors to the new facility will see an environmental display screen in the internal street that will be used to inform staff and the public how the building is performing in terms of energy and water efficiency, energy generation, waste segregation and provide environmental education and tips.

“Rainwater collected off the roof of the hospital will be collected in tanks and used for flushing of toilets, urinals, macerators, operation of cooling towers and irrigation of the grounds and gardens,” Ms Harding said.

“The solar panels, combined with the operation of the co-generation and tri-generation plants within the new hospital, will have a big reduction on our electricity demand and result in less carbon emissions.”

Other features include, high efficiency LED lighting that is set to timers and movement sensors, therefore reducing use where possible – patients will have full control of the lighting in their rooms.

An organic recycling unit has been installed in the new kitchen and this system will process food waste to produce a soil conditioning product. This product can then be used as fertiliser on the hospital’s gardens.

Surgeons tour new operating theatres

April 26, 2016:

FullSizeRenderLocal surgeons and anaesthetists will deliver world-class healthcare in a world class environment as completion of the new Bendigo Hospital Project draws closer. Bendigo Health Board Chair, Bob Cameron, joined local surgeons and anaesthetists on a tour of the new theatre complex today, to showcase what will be their new working environment in 2017.

“The operating theatres in the new Bendigo hospital are state-of-the-art,” Mr Cameron said.

“The room layout and technology that has been integrated into the design and build of the operating theatres will ensure patients receive outstanding treatment from our surgeons and their clinical teams.”

The new Bendigo hospital is being built to cater for the next 50 years and it allows for expansion in decades ahead for an increased theatre capacity of up to 11 theatres.The features of the new theatre complex include, state–of-the-art anaesthetic machines, a patient flow management system, a fully integrated patient monitoring system that will allow doctors and nurses to see the vital signs of patients from remote areas, a three stage recovery area and improved infection control.

“All of these features incorporated into the design are to improve patient care, unnecessary waiting times and streamline hospital services,” Mr Cameron added.

operating theatre visit“An exclusive patient elevator, that will service Theatres, Intensive Care, Maternity and the Emergency Department, will also result in improved patient flow and treatment for critically ill patients.”

Bendigo Health Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr John Edington, said staff have given a lot of time towards providing input and feedback during the design process to ensure the best possible outcome.

“The effort and engagement of both clinical and support staff has been enormous,” he said.

“The design of all of the clinical areas has been reviewed and refined by the people who will be working there, to ensure the best outcome for patients today and into the future.

“It is a great credit to Bendigo Health clinical and support staff who have managed this while at the same time treating record numbers of patients in the existing hospital.” #ends#


Building on Art and Community

SLO_0325 The Bendigo Hospital Project has been busy with extra works of a different kind this month. That’s because project consortium Exemplar Health has encouraged the children at Jenny’s Early Learning Centre to don their painting smocks and enjoy the process of art-making.

It’s all been part of an Exemplar Health art auction event this week, which involved exhibiting the children’s artwork and including each work in a silent auction, with prizes awarded. The event raised $2000 – will all proceeds going to the Bendigo Health Foundation.

In preparation for the event, last month, the young ones at Jenny’s Early Learning Centre, located on the Bendigo Hospital Lucan Street site, visited the Bendigo Art Gallery and Arts Hotel, The Schaller Studio, for a good helping of creative inspiration. Taking a sneak peek and selecting the most outstanding artworks was a judging panel made up of Bendigo Art Gallery senior curator, Tansy Curtin; Coliban Water chief financial officer and Bendigo Health Foundation board member Peter Leersen; Exemplar Health chairman, Stephen McDonough and Victorian Government architect Jill Garner. Works were selected on the basis of ‘use of colour’, ‘choice of subject’ and ‘popular judges’ choice’, and were viewed by the panel at the childcare centre. FullSizeRender

According to Exemplar Health chief executive, Michele Morrison, the event, in its second year, highlights the success of the Bendigo Hospital Project and its strong links to community.

“This colourful event has brought together two thriving local businesses, Jenny’s Early Learning Centre and The Schaller Studio, both which have been established here as part of stage one of the Bendigo Hospital Project.

“We have also appreciated the valued expertise of Tansy Curtin, curator at the Bendigo Art Gallery and the generous support of Bendigo Bank, all part of an array of community contribution which culminated in a fabulous event, highlighting the Bendigo Health Foundation and its many important causes,” she said.

“Children need an open-minded attitude to nurture the process of creativity, they need to feel comfortable to explore, discover, and learn new things – and the Bendigo Art Gallery, Jenny’s Early Learning Centre and The Schaller Studio have provided just the right amount instruction and inspiration need to stir their creativity,” she added.

Bendigo Bank provided a complimentary gift to all the children who participated in the art show, and the three finalists Winners on the night (JELC youngsters: Dhanya Jani, Chris Xu and Ben McAuliffe) each received a $25 Bendigo Bank ‘Piggy Saver’ account voucher.
Jenny’s Early Learning Centre managing director, Darren Reid explained that research shows children who grow up believing they are creative, have a better chance of finding constructive outlets for creative energy in later years. He said that early childhood development is based around fostering a child’s confidence and sense of identity.

“A child’s creativity will not be just a memory; it will be a valuable, personal resource to use every day. The ability to imagine, to create and express develops self-esteem and their appreciation of cultural diversity within their community,” he said.

Mr Reid said that art is an important part of his childcare centre’s educational program.

“Jenny’s program and daily routine is based on our ‘play, explore, learn’ philosophy, which ensures that each child is challenged and engaged,” he said, “And art is very much part of that ethos.”