Construction of stage 2 air link bridge commencing 23 November

Stage 2 of the Bendigo Hospital Project includes the construction of a 65 metre, 2 storey, air link bridge over Arnold Street. This will link the helipad and car park, which is currently under construction, with the new hospital building.

Construction of the bridge will require a full closure of Arnold Street between Barnard and Stewart Streets. The road will close from midnight November 23rd until December 16th to allow for construction of the bridge and installation of the facade. Traffic management will be in place.

The bridge has been constructed off site in six pieces to make installation as fast as possible but it is a delicate operation to put it in place and safety of the public is paramount. A safety zone will be in place around the construction site and this will mean no pedestrian or car access to the stretch of road affected during the closures.

Please see the attached map which outlines the impact to local roads and bus stops.

Lend Lease have worked with the City of Greater Bendigo Council and Vic Roads to develop a plan that keeps the disruption as short as possible.

At the completion of the works the road will reopen as normal.

This is a very exciting step in the project and it will be a welcome boost to our regional health services to have a working helipad connected to the hospital for patients who require airlifting.

Exemplar Health and Bendigo Health apologise for any inconvenience caused by these works and the resulting road closures and thank you for your patience. If you have any question or need to speak to someone about this please call 1300 624 246.


Tranquil garden at Bendigo Hospital opens

On 6 March 2017, Bendigo Health Chair, Bob Cameron, officially opened the wonderful new tranquil garden space in front of the new hospital more than a year ahead of schedule.

The garden was one of the components of Stage 2 of the project which is not due to be delivered until mid-2018.

Bob Cameron said that Exemplar Health decided to open the garden early because they saw the value in providing a lovely landscaped place for patients and staff.

Equipped with a number of benches, the garden space is the future home of feature artworks commissioned by Exemplar Health with the assistance of Bendigo Art Gallery.

The next phase of the garden will be the completion of a walk way between the Anne Caudle building and the new hospital which is integral to the vision of creating one hospital precinct.

Acting CEO, Peter Faulkner, said the new garden opened up the area in front of the hospital and allowed visitors to understand the vision of the precinct between the new and old buildings.

“The next phase will see us open a garden with a disability friendly pathway between our retained buildings, where patients may need to go for allied health services or to use the hydrotherapy pool, and the new hospital. It will also provide easier access for staff,” Mr Faulkner said.

Bob Cameron said Bendigo Health was excited watching the gardens come together.

“There is a big focus now on the commencement of works on the old hospital site. The builders’ hoardings are up and in the coming weeks we will see the demolition of Kurmala and Stanistreet buildings.

“This will pave the way for the construction of a multi-storey car park with a conference centre, retail space and most importantly, a helipad for rapid transfer of critically ill patients,” Mr Cameron said.

Official handover of the new Bendigo Hospital

Official handover of the new Bendigo Hospital

January 20,2017: Jacinta Allan, member for Bendigo East, and Exemplar Health CEO, Michele Morrison, handed over the new Bendigo Hospital to Bendigo Health Chairman, Bob Cameron, in advance of the planned clinical move on January 24.

The Victorian Government appointed Exemplar Health to design and build the new hospital back in May 2013, commencing construction in the June of that year.

Bendigo Health Chairman, Bob Cameron said he was very impressed with the quality of the building and was excited for the residents of the Loddon Mallee region who will benefit from the world class facility.

“The handover of the building is a wonderful milestone. I know all our staff are excited about the planned clinical move next Tuesday and they are busily packing their offices and preparing for their new workplace,” Mr Cameron said.

Project update, December 2016

When the new Bendigo Hospital is opened in late January 2017, it will be home to one of the most up-to-date healthcare facilities in Australia, providing a world-class setting to treat and care for the residents of the Loddon Mallee region, close to home.

One highlight this month was Community Tours Day, when on Saturday December 3, Bendigo Health staff and volunteers, along with staff from the Bendigo Hospital Project teams welcomed around 3000 people, to experience the highlights of the new building. The three tours included features such as viewing intensive care units, the emergency department, the psychiatry precinct and inpatient rooms. You can experience the virtual tours by following this link:

While some works still continue, we are seeing 60 workers on site, a number that is reducing as the focus turns to external landscaping, while internally operational testing continues. By Christmas we envisage 40 workers will be on site. The landscaping this month includes the installation of outdoor fixtures such as bench-seats, drinking fountains and bins around the borders of Arnold, Mercy and Drought Streets. Tree planting and soft landscaping continues at the Mercy Street forecourt, while paving works are in progress in the therapeutic garden area.

The wayfinding signage is one of the keys to a great visitor experience and this month we will see the completion of both the wayfinding and all major building signage, inside and out.

Much of the furniture and equipment has arrived and is being installed, while artwork is starting to appear throughout the building, such as the traditional dreamtime works being installed in the Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) courtyard, and the stunning courtyard mural being created on level two’s psychiatry precinct.

The hospital’s heritage precinct works have made significant progress during November. For the historic Anne Caudle Centre building, these works have meant the installation of a new lift, which is disability-compliant. Contractors, Kane Constructions, have reduced activity this month, with four workers currently engaged through Bendigo Health, and some heritage precinct works will resume in the new year.

Technical completion (TC) of stage one of the new hospital was reached on November 14, one month earlier than scheduled. The Minister for Health, Hon. Jill Hennessy MP and Member for Bendigo East, Jacinta Allan MP, visited the site, to mark this highly important milestone in the life of the Bendigo Hospital Project. Early TC has brought about an opportunity for Bendigo Health to experience the new hospital environment earlier, during what is known as the ‘transition phase’. This allows each department and its staff to be appropriately prepared for their relocation, ensuring a seamless move, with the continuity of patient care.

External construction progress can still be monitored on the webcam available at the Bendigo Hospital Project website home page.

Construction update, November 2016

Providing a world-class hospital that can deliver high quality healthcare services for patients in the Loddon Mallee region for years to come is becoming, more than ever, a reality, as the new Bendigo Hospital reaches its crucial completion stage.
Stage One of this hospital construction project is substantially complete, and it is expected that the new Bendigo Hospital will open to the public in late January, 2017, following the completion of clinical equipment installation, staff training and a patient move day.

Right now, landscaping, equipment and furniture arrivals, readiness testing and operational preparedness are all proceeding during this important, completion and validation phase. Signage is also being applied throughout the building as a part of the wayfinding designs, and from the outside, the Bendigo Health logo and other main signs are now installed.

On the work site, there are approximately 150 workers, divided into three major roles: technical installations and testing, civil works and landscaping and construction finalisation.

Healthcare staff
Relocation planning, training and induction have been a major focus for staff, as Bendigo Health employees prepare for the move into the new facility. Recently staff members have attended forums to prepare them for site access. They learned safety protocols and what to expect in this new state-of-the-art building as it transitions from a construction site, into a functional hospital. This will ensure staff members are engaged with new technologies and familiar with the layout and designs in the new facility. This training prepares staff for the ‘transition’ phase which begins this month too, an important step that helps staff function effectively in their new environment, by working through ‘real life’ scenarios in the hospital.

Furniture and Equipment
Deliveries continue to keep the project teams busy, as trolleys, cabinets, monitor stands, recliner chairs and many more items are received, being then quickly dispatched to their appropriate location. Testing and tagging of equipment is taking place, a strong signal that the project’s operational opening is moving closer.

Landscaping is progressing at a rapid rate, and dozens of advanced trees, freshly transplanted, now flank the new building. Courtyards throughout the new hospital, both internal and external are now completed.

Heritage buildings
In the historic precinct, which primarily fronts onto 100 Barnard Street, the works to the Anne Caudle Centre, Concert Hall, West Wing and other heritage buildings are in the process of completion, as part of Bendigo Health’s works plan. Approximately 12 workers are on site for these works, which has included installing a new entrance, including a lift and disability toilets, to the Anne Caudle Centre building and also refurbishing the West Wing, in preparation for repurposing into office workplaces for Bendigo Health staff.

Important roadworks
Roadworks around the Bendigo Hospital precinct have been in full swing this month, in both Arnold and Lucan Streets. All works were completed on November 15, and were carried out to upgrade kerbs, traffic islands and road surfaces. Full details of these roadworks are featured in October’s Construction Update.

Technical completion milestone achieved
The Bendigo Hospital Project has achieved early technical completion for Stage One this month, on November 14, 2016. More details about this important milestone will be included in early December’s Construction Update and an upcoming media release.

External construction progress can still be monitored on the webcam available at this Bendigo Hospital Project website home page.

Construction update, October 2016

Construction on regional Victoria’s newest public hospital development is progressing to schedule, with the final stages of Stage One works underway. The project focus is the completion of the building’s internal fit-out, installation of equipment and, of course, relocation planning. Now, and in the coming months, there is also much activity around orientation and training programs for Bendigo Health staff, to ensure staff members are engaged with new technologies and familiar with the layout and designs in the new facility.
Landscaping works have significantly progressed, as advanced-growth gum trees start to line the boundary areas of the building, which is most notable along Drought and Arnold Streets. Also trees are now established along Mercy Street’s nature-strips, and its proposed street extension that will eventually be a thoroughfare to Arnold Street. Courtyards throughout the new building are also being finalised, with the last planting tasks occurring.
Equipment and furniture
In the coming weeks more clinical and non-clinical equipment and furniture will arrive onsite, and currently tasks such as the testing and tagging of medical equipment are taking place. Audio-visual equipment throughout the new facility is being switched on and configured, a strong signal that the project’s technical completion is moving closer.
Graphic features
Inside the building feature walls are being created, as art images showcasing bold, local landscape and aerial photographs are installed. These wall installations use images that correspond with the new hospital’s interior design colour palette – achieving a great finishing touch to each floor.
Construction site
In October we’re seeing approximately 220 workers on site. The main site access point for deliveries relating to the building works has changed, from Drought Street to Gate Two along Arnold Street. The demolition of buildings to make way for extensive landscaping is still in progress, including around the old ‘aids and appliances’ building, where works have started. Recent site demolition has included pulling down the old hospital kitchen and supply stores, Perrin Plaza and the staff amenities block. Works by Bendigo Health at the Anne Caudle Centre building are still progressing, which includes the installation of a lift for the new entrance area. This landmark building’s internal fit-out is also progressing well. For other historic buildings on the site, such as the old ‘lying-in’ hospital, the internal finishing stage is almost complete. Stage One of this hospital construction project is approximately 90 per cent complete, and it is expected that the new Bendigo Hospital will open to the public in late January, 2017, following the completion of clinical equipment installation, staff training and patient move day. Move planning is also a major task at this point in time, as staff teams from Bendigo Health plan the transition from old to new.
Roadworks in November
Upcoming roadworks to upgrade the present infrastructure related to the Bendigo Hospital Project and its precinct will occur in early to mid-November, however access to Bendigo Hospital on Lucan Street remains open. All part-lane closures and diversions will apply as per signage, and motorists are advised to adhere to the work zone speed limit of 40 km/h.
Times: 7am to 6pm, November 7 to 15, (excluding Sundays)
Location: Southwards from Stewart and Drought Streets
Reason: Reinstatement of kerb/traffic island
Times: 7am to 6pm, November 14 to 15
Location: Outside current Bendigo Hospital entrance
Reason: Road improvements, resurfacing and line-marking works
Please note: Westbound ‘Bendigo Base Hospital’ Bus Stop for routes 50/51 will be relocated, to the east side of the Bendigo Hospital entrance, opposite Schaller Studio Hotel

Construction update – September, 2016

September 1, 2016: This month at the Bendigo Hospital Project, we are starting to see the final phase of the internal finishes, fit-out and furnishing stage. This advanced stage is very evident in the new hospital’s atrium-styled ‘main street’, where the activity is focused on fine-tuning the overall finishes, including the area of tiling, which is more than 90 per cent complete. Permanent fittings are now being installed such as the new hospital’s reception desk and feature glass panels and doors for the retail spaces, which are set to open when the new hospital opens in late January 2017. Furnishings for the new hospital’s meeting rooms have arrived on site, and much of the specialist clinical equipment is due through the doors this month.
On site we’re seeing an average of 330 workers on a daily basis; some of these workers are busy in areas such as the new hospital’s courtyards and the Drought Street forecourt, where the landscaping work is fully underway. The well-advanced landscaping work in the majority of courtyards is a solid indicator of the project’s headway, for instance – outdoor patio areas in the psychiatry area, on level two, are making terrific progress.In Mercy Street the footpath landscaping will take on a new look, with the planting of Spotted Gum trees along both sides of the thoroughfare. Mercy Street will be the hospital’s main gateway when it opens next year.
Bendigo Health’s old kitchen and supply buildings site have now been demolished and demolition works will soon start on Perrin Plaza and the old staff amenities building to pave the way for extensive landscaping works.
Quality testing and inspections continue throughout the facility, to ensure it adheres to the highest levels of engineering and technical excellence. These inspections take place with Bendigo Health staff to ensure the clinical aspects required for a fully-functioning, fit-for-purpose, contemporary hospital is achieved. Next month operational readiness testing will be a focus.
Highlights this month:
• The linear accelerator units are installed and operational readiness testing has begun
• The newly fitted patient-entertainment systems are being trialled and tested
• A total of 227 patient monitors have arrived, 203 are now installed, with 20 to follow early this month
• Larger equipment, such as beds, are being installed – 250 beds and stretchers have arrived
• The MRI machine arrives at the hospital for installation
• The CT scanner arrives for installation, plus other medical imaging equipment
• Three advanced forest trees are planted in the internal ‘main street’ atrium
• A feature series of glass panels in radiotherapy are fully fitted

External construction progress can still be monitored on the webcam available at the Bendigo Hospital Project website home page.

Construction update – August 2016

With the lights on at the Bendigo Hospital Project, it’s easy to imagine its future as a hospital designed to care for generations to come. This month, the busy construction site is home to around 380 workers, including many different trade suppliers, subcontractors and technicians.

The new hospital’s courtyards and terraces are the scene of much action, with the installation of raised garden beds, pergolas, seating, as well as the planting of large tree ferns, palms, native grasses and shrubs. These green initiatives will enhance the human experience at the new hospital, and its large windows not only provide natural light, but also views across the city and into leafy courtyards.
Drought Street precinct
On the Drought Street side of the hospital, footpaths that extend between Arnold to Hope Street are being formed and new access areas for emergency vehicles have been asphalted. Bicycle parking has also been installed, to allow for future alternative access to the new hospital for its staff and visitors.
Anne Caudle Centre campus
On-site works include restorations and extensions to buildings around the Anne Caudle Centre by Bendigo Health, including the addition of a new entry foyer for the Anne Caudle Centre building. Construction of a retaining wall and the installation of precast panels alongside the Anne Caudle Centre building are almost complete. Presently Bendigo Health’s contractor, Kane Construction, has 20 workers on site.
Amid the Anne Caudle Centre complex of buildings, demolition of the previous hospital kitchen has begun, and continuing works will see the demolition of the staff amenities building and a partial demolition of Perrin Plaza, the latter of which will be partway retained to provide a link between the existing east and north wing buildings. This demolition phase is essential to create open spaces planned for landscaping, including the establishment of the therapeutic gardens – which will feature walkways, outdoor furniture, specifically selected trees and shrubs and significant outdoor sculptural works.
Upcoming roadworks
Drivers can expect to see some roadwork activity along Arnold and Lucan Streets in the coming months, planned for mid-September and early November respectively. These works will upgrade some of the crucial traffic areas around the precinct, including modifications to traffic islands, turning lane additions and road-widening to improve safety for both motorists and pedestrians.
Stage One of the Bendigo Hospital Project is on track for completion by December this year, and the new hospital’s opening in late January 2017.

Construction update – July 2016

Despite the freezing conditions we’ve experienced this winter, construction of the new hospital continues on schedule and stage-one of the project has surpassed 85 per cent completion.There are 300 workers active on the site, involved with many facets of the hospital’s development.
For instance, work continues in and around the 46 courtyards and terraces, incorporating many creative features, and some with sweeping city views. Right now we’re seeing the planting of mature trees, while smaller shrubs are due to be planted in the coming months, closer to spring.
Workers are busy along the extended stretch of Mercy Street (Mercy Street East), which once opened, will form pedestrian and vehicle access into Arnold Street. Mercy Street will be the primary vehicle route to the hospital for the general public, and currently asphalt, concrete kerbing, edging, channelling and footpath construction work is occurring.
The new kitchen opened at the Bendigo Hospital Project, on Tuesday July 5, launching the new hospital’s first operational service. This new food service, operated by facilities manager Spotless, now services the existing Bendigo Health services. The new kitchen service signals the start of much activity in the new loading dock and goods supply area, with Bendigo Health’s supply and procurement services also starting in the new hospital this month. Alongside, on Drought Street, works continue with footpath surfacing, landscaping and the completion of the emergency department access and ambulance bays.
On the Barnard Street campus, the restoration and development work by Bendigo Health, at the Anne Caudle Centre, continues while the Bendigo Hospital Project is currently embarking on an internal fit-out for the old ‘lying-in’ hospital, which is destined for a repurposed future.
Landscaping across the new hospital’s two sites will create an essential balance, with the clever use of lines, materials, feature work and plants. Currently plans for the demolition of the old kitchen, staff amenities building and Perrin Plaza are about to become reality, and from this month onwards, these works will proceed. Once the non-heritage buildings fall, major earthworks and landscaping work will begin in earnest.
Fondly known as the Main Street, the internal entrance to this world-class hospital development is making major headway. Right now, skilled workers are busily fitting-out this prominent atrium style forecourt. The floor paving is at least 70 per cent complete, as workers also focus on features such as the eye-catching timber-lined staircase and its glass balustrade.
Inside the building the focus has turned to testing the many systems that support the new hospital’s functionality. Successful pressure testing, for instance, has been achieved in areas such as the operating theatres and the hospital pharmacy areas. Successfully tested also, is the mobile phone reception, as it is vital that mobile connectivity reaches all areas of the building. Other equipment such as steam boilers and the security system have been tested recently, with both gaining a positive outcome.

Construction update – June 2016

It’s easy to see the progress from the outside, as the Bendigo Hospital Project takes shape. The striking façade invites us to look at its aesthetic design from many perspectives, be it north, south, east or west. And with each aspect, new parts of the hospital are featured, including the prominent panels which consist of 14,000 square metres of glazing.
What is harder to appreciate is what is happening inside the building which includes painting, flooring, and cladding. Gradually too, the rooms are being installed with equipment – from surgical pendant systems needed in operating theatre and delivery rooms for anaesthesia surgical purposes to linear accelerator (LINAC) machines which are used to treat cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy. The striking ‘main street’ internal entrance continues to be fitted-out, with the glazing, timber panels, floor paving and revolving door adjacent to Mercy Street, taking shape.
On the site
The construction activity at the Bendigo Hospital Project is on-schedule and continues to meet expectations in every way. Currently the project has around 430 workers onsite, whereas at its peak there was a total of 790 workers onsite, a project milestone in itself. Activity has shifted; we’re focusing on how to make this facility operate as a hospital, and that’s why we require highly skilled technicians rather than large numbers of tradespeople to construct a building.
Outside there’s much activity on the south side of Drought Street, where civil and road works are in progress, including forming footpaths, asphalting and line-marking. This activity forms part of the emergency department (ED) entrance and the ambulance bay, as workers finish a vital area which will be used for the delivery of both ambulant and non-ambulant (trolley bound) patients to ED by the ambulance service. From this area, along to Hope Street – footpaths are being prepared, and irrigation systems installed along the hospital’s frontage for future landscaping uses.
Bendigo Health continues its work restoring the heritage West Wing and Concert Hall buildings on the Anne Caudle Centre precinct, with a contractor onsite and approximately 20 personnel.
Testing equipment
Facilities management company Spotless is currently testing equipment as it prepares to open the new hospital kitchen in July. Rigorous inspections and reviews are taking place – for instance cool rooms, chiller systems, dishwashing equipment and an eWater System that’s been installed throughout the kitchen to provide cleaning and sanitising solutions, are all being checked for quality and operational effectiveness.

Certainly the Bendigo Hospital Project is well on its way to substantial completion of ‘stage one’ as we look forward to, in anticipation, its opening in late January 2017.