January 2014

Work for 2014 started on the hospital site on 13 January and despite some incredibly hot weather the
project remains on schedule.

The first crane, named Ben, was erected on 18/19 January and will be followed by the second tower crane
in late March. As the crane assists with structural construction at the Arnold St end of the site excavation
continues at the Hope St end.

The bulk soil excavation is nearing completion with the part of the Hope St end of the site where the
kitchen will go within 50 cm of base. With around 102,000 of 123,000 tonnes now removed excavation is
expected to be completed by early March.

Viewers of the webcam on the Bendigo Health website can clearly see the progress being made on the
hospital structure. The walls for the basement car park are near completion and they will be rapidly
followed by the slab. As the slab on ground progresses across the site it will be followed by the first of the 8
suspended slabs in late February.

The last remnants of Mercy St, which dissected the site, have been removed. Upon completion in
December 2016 Mercy Street will have a new exit directly onto Arnold St.

On the inside of the hoardings a temporary haul road has been constructed. The road will improve access
the site for the construction materials and reduce dust. It will be removed at the conclusion of the

Progress also continues on other parts of the site. The demolitions required to allow for the construction of
the childcare centre will start in two weeks.

The new 128 room Art Series Bendigo Studio was successfully erected in only 6 days using modules
prefabricated off site. The hotel is expected to take its first guests in May allowing a few months for
completion of the building.