December 2013

With two thirds of the expected 130,000 tonne of soil removed from site the Bendigo Hospital Project is on the cusp of longer phase of structural work.

The footprint of the hospital is also clearly evident from the excavation activity.

The foundations for the construction of the hospital structure can be seen across the site with first slab on ground poured. The slab will in time become the floor of the basement car park. Precast walls are being installed with first ones retaining walls and around the stairs to the car park.

The first of four tower cranes will be erected in mid-January and its base has been built. Adjacent to the crane base are the foundations for a lift well.

All of the 70 retaining piles have been installed around the site. The thirty foundation piles have been built and 70 of the 230 pad footings have been completed. Once the foundations have been completed the hospital structure will be constructed. A significant milestone in that process will be the first suspended (a floor of the building) slab formwork commencing in February.

Work is progressing on the hotel site with preparations for the installation of unitised building modules in January near completion.

Construction activity will cease on 20 December and commence on 13 January.