October 2013

Excavation is on track with around 20,000 tonnes of clean fill removed from the site and 5,500 tonnes of contaminated soil safely disposed of. This means that the excavation is now around a fifteen per cent complete.

Retention piles have been dug along Drought Street and are in the process of being dug along Hope Street. Fifteen have been done with the area next to the staff amenities to come. The piles are around 8 to 9 meters deep and are a critical part of the retention walls that need to be built along the higher part of the site.

The tall piling rigs are the second type of plant operating on site in addition to the excavators.

On the lower portion of the site, between Mercy and Arnold Streets a 5 meter trench has been dug for the relocation of the storm water drain.

In around a month the pouring of concrete for the first slab area of the Bendigo Hospital Project will occur. This will be a significant step as the footprint of the hospital will be fixed and it will allow for the structural work to commence in December.

Construction activity is also underway on the site of the current Bendigo Hospital with foundation work on the hotel continuing and a fence soon to be established around Yarrington House to allow for its conversion to a child care centre.