November 2013

Excavation of the site between Mercy Street and Arnold Street side has reached the base and the removal of soil continues on the Hope Street side. So far 45,000 of the total 136,600 tonnes soil has been removed
from site.

All 70 retention piles have been completed around the site which will further excavation down to the 9 meters required at the Hope St end.

With the first stage of the design completed the focus of work has now shifted to preparing for the foundations of the acute hospital. This critical step requires two types of foundations to be prepared
depending on the conditions underground; foundation piles or pad footings. So far 3 of the 35 foundation piles have been prepared.

When complete the total volume of concrete in the slabs, columns and footings will be 33,000 cubic meters.

The culverts for the new storm water drain are being put in place which will then allow the old drain to be removed.

On other parts of the site work also continues. Preparation work on the building that will contain the childcare centre is under way with removal of hazardous materials from the buildings in preparation for
demolition. On the hotel site concrete stairwell panels have been installed in advance of the main construction work which will occur over the next few months.