Bendigo hospital bell returned

A piece of Bendigo Health history will be returned today to be included in the Bendigo Hospital Project.

The hospital bell has called St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral in Myers Street Bendigo home since the original Bendigo hospital building was demolished in the 60s.

The Right Reverend Andrew Curnow said the bells of St Paul’s Bendigo arrived in 1873 and were installed ready to ring for the first time on Good Friday that year.

“In 1963 the bells were returned to London for recasting, leaving the church without its famous call, it was around this time that the Bendigo hospital bell tower was being demolished and the hospital bell came here,” he said

Bendigo Health executive director New Bendigo Hospital David Walker has been working with the St Paul’s delighted to have the bell returned.

“We are very grateful to the people at St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral who have offered this good-will gesture, which will assist Bendigo Health provide a significant link between our history and our new world-class regional hospital.

Local demolition experts Accurate Demolition have been charged with the task of safely removing the bell from its current location and delivering to Bendigo Health where it will be stored for inclusion in the New Bendigo Hospital project.

Sadly the bells at St Pauls Anglican Cathedral are now silent as the cathedral has been closed since January 2009 due to safety issues. An estimated $5 million is needed for a complete restoration, the church and an appeal has been established to assist the church. Donation to the ‘Open the Doors: St Paul’s Cathedral Restoration Appeal’ at any Bendigo Bank branch or online at click here to donate.

Mr Walker has been volunteering at St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral providing expert advice and assistance in relation to safety issues around the ageing cathedral.

“It’s important to all work together to preserve the heritage of our community,” he added.