Construction update – March 2016

The Bendigo Hospital Project will provide residents with a world-class hospital from the ground up. Right now, in early 2016, it’s the largest regional hospital development in Victoria.

Currently the project has 650 workers on-site, including engineers and specialised consultants.

Internally, marked changes to the building are emerging, with the fixtures and fittings phase well underway. Vinyl floor coverings, joinery, partitions and ceilings are in various stages of completion as the project enters the last year of its ‘stage one’ building phase.

A focus for the project has been the application of durable finishes which have been carefully chosen to ensure the interior environment is of a high quality. Nearing the fit-out completion stage are areas such as the accident and emergency bays, the oncology area, recovery bays and intensive care rooms.

Workers have been testing and commissioning the four diesel standby power generators, and with cooled water now being produced by the new chillers in the hospital’s basement, the air-conditioning systems are also in a test and commissioning phase. Internal areas are being ‘energised’, so as electrical power becomes functional; the lights can be turned on, as the builders start stringent checks on the ‘finishing’ aspects of the construction.

Incorporated into the design, is what the project terms as the ‘street’, an impressive entrance designed as an internal atrium. Right now, there is scaffolding masking this area, as work is conducted on the feature ceiling and walls.

Externally, roadworks are a focus. Mercy Street is closed to traffic, as a significant level change is completed, while drainage and road resurfacing progresses. Mercy Street will serve as the entrance to the new hospital, and its thoroughfare to Monash School of Rural Health, the Good Loaf Café, La Trobe Rural Health School and Bendigo Health’s services will be back to normal in April.

Landscapers are also working on the 44 courtyards and balconies throughout the new hospital, a solid example of how the architectural design has been mindful of the therapeutic benefits of nature and natural light.

Beside the Anne Caudle building, the external and structural renovation of the ‘old lying-in’ hospital is near completion, ready for its fit-out, which will see this glorious heritage building integrate into the whole project. Bendigo Health has removed the paint, restored brickwork, removed pressed cement cladding, replaced the roof and reinstated the original double-storey verandah.



New hospital offers retail opportunities

Bendigo Hospital Project consortium, Exemplar Health has appointed Colliers International to coordinate the new hospital’s retail outlet and conference centre leasing.

Colliers International executive, Travis Hurst will work with Exemplar Health chief executive, Michele Morrison, to coordinate and promote the tenancy opportunities both locally and nationally.

The $630 million Bendigo Hospital Project is a Victorian Government private public partnership (PPP) which is being delivered by Exemplar Health, a consortium comprising Lend Lease, Capella Capital, Siemens and Spotless.

“We are very pleased to be appointed as leasing agents on behalf of Exemplar Health,” Mr Hurst said.

He explained that the quality tenants selected will bring added community benefits to the Victorian Government’s extensive Bendigo Hospital Project, as part of a successful bid for the construction of the development by Exemplar Health.

“We are seeking interest from a range of tenants, as there are eight separate retail outlets available throughout the new hospital.

“These include experienced food vendors, café, gift shop, newsagent and convenience store operators. We are also seeking professional operators for the hospital’s 480-square-meter conference facility, another outstanding opportunity at this regional site,” he added.

The Bendigo Hospital Project is currently the largest regional hospital development in Victoria. It will deliver a world-class regional hospital that incorporates the latest design and technology solutions, in one of Victoria’s most environmentally sustainable settings.

According to Ms Morrison, Exemplar Health is committed to ensuring tenants deliver tangible benefits to consumers. She explained that the conscious connection between the health of patients, staff and community and the food served at the new hospital will be a priority in the selection process.

“We are particularly interested in seeing a range of nutritional food being offered from vendors operating within the hospital to further support Bendigo Health’s ‘Healthy Communities’ initiative,” she added.

The new hospital will have long term economic development benefit to the region, with staffing levels projected to grow to 4500 when fully operational. Facilities will include 372 inpatient beds, 72 same-day beds, 11 new operating theatres, a regional cancer centre, an 80-bed integrated mental health facility, a mother-and-baby unit, a helipad and multi-deck carpark

Exemplar Health is utilising the services of ICN Victoria to take initial ‘expressions of interest’. If you’re interested, create a company profile and register through the ICN Gateway at

For more information contact Travis Hurst on 0423 388 932, the EOI phase closes April 19.

Less than one year to go until new hospital opens its doors

The countdown is on until the new Bendigo hospital opens its doors, with Bendigo East MP, the Honourable Jacinta Allan announcing that by early next year Bendigo Health will be operating in the new hospital.

“Planning is underway for the commencement of services, which will happen across two days, in the last week of January 2017,” Ms Allan said.

Ms Allan made the announcement in front of what will be the future main entrance into the new hospital, adjacent to Mercy Street. She was joined by Bendigo Health Board Chair, Bob Cameron and CEO, John Mulder to announce the timing.

“The outside of the building is now sealed up and work continues inside with the fit out,” Ms Allan said.

“Across two days, services in the old hospital will move into the new facility, so massive preparations are occurring at Bendigo Health.

“These include 16 Completion and Transition Groups, which are made up of representatives from Bendigo Health, Exemplar Health and the Department of Health and Human Services, to ensure a smooth and effective transition.”

The new facility includes 372 inpatient beds, 72 same day beds, 10 new operating theatres, cardiac diagnostic and intervention rooms, a regional cancer centre, an 80 bed integrated mental health facility and a parent and baby unit. Stage two, due for completion in 2018, will include a helipad and parking for 1,350 vehicles.

“This purpose built facility has been designed to provide a tranquil healing environment in line with current international best practice,” Mr Cameron said.

“It will be flooded with natural light, surrounded by accessible landscaped gardens and includes a number of landscaped internal courtyards for staff, patients and visitors to enjoy. The building also has the capacity for services to expand as required to meet the changing health needs of the Loddon Mallee region for decades to come.”

“The new hospital is a far cry from the white hospitals of old and when people walk through the doors in 12 months’ time they will see a vibrant and modern facility combined with intuitive way-finding for patients, visitors and staff.

“The main atrium will be home to a number of retail outlets providing staff, patients and visitors with access to cafes and shops.”

Bendigo Health CEO John Mulder said the year ahead will be an exciting one, as the transition process unfolds over the coming months.

“A lot of work is already being done behind the scenes to ensure our staff are prepared to move into this new world class facility,” he said.

“Models of Care, way-finding, Digital Medical Records and change management are among the key focusses for us this year and as we move closer to the move date, there will be additional training and education for all transitioning staff on the new systems within the new hospital.

“Then of course is the physical move, which is a huge logistical process, but a very exciting one.

“I want to thank our staffing group for the work they have put into the project so far and I look forward to seeing their reaction and excitement when they walk through the doors into the new hospital.”

With less than a year to go, the clock is ticking. Check out the countdown timer on the Bendigo Hospital Project website homepage. The countdown clock is counting the months, days, minutes and seconds until the hospital is operational.

June and July 2014

Notification of variation to normal working hours – June and July 2014

Dear Resident,
Over the next three weekends three of the four cranes on site will have their height raised. This will require some construction activity outside of regular working hours.

Details on the following days there will be work taking place between our usual approved working hours of 7.00am and 5.00pm:

  • Saturday 21st June
  • Saturday 28th June
  • Saturday 5th July

On the following days there will be work taking place outside of our regular working hours:

  • Sunday 22nd June
  • Sunday 29th June
  • Sunday 6th July

On the above Sunday’s, the work will take place between 7.00am and 5.00pm. In event of poor weather on any of those weekends there will be work onsite on Sunday 13th of July between 7.00am and 5.00pm.
Approval for the working in excess of our regular construction times as been granted by the State Governement.

Reminder about the regular construction times
Unless otherwise approved, construction activity on the site is restricted by our planning permits and will generally occur between 7.00am – 5.30pm Monday to Saturday. Work is permitted to occur up till 7.00pm weekdays and until 5.00pm on Saturdays. The site will generally be closed on Sundays and public holidays.

How to contact the project
If you have any questions over the course of the project you can contact us via the following;
Phone: 1300 624 246

June 2014

Those viewing the construction of the hospital from Arnold St will have noted that the height of the structure has increased over the past few weeks as the formwork for the next level was erected.

The pouring of concrete for the third suspended slab, for what will be the Pathology Department on the second floor of the hospital, begins this week. The slab will then continue westwards in the same way as has occurred for lower levels over the past few months.

This process will be repeated with each floor until the east building structure is topped off in December. At that stage the height of the structure will be around its finished height of 36.5m, around the current height of the cabin on the crane named Ben. Over the past month the final of the 4 tower cranes, named Lucy, has been erected. In the next few weeks the height of 3 of the cranes will be increased in line with the building structure. For example Ben will rise another 12 meters so the cabin is around 45m high.

There are now around 200 workers onsite and this number will increase substantially over the next 6 months.

At the Hope St end of the site footings for the foundations of the smaller west building are underway and the intricate construction of the cancer bunkers is well under way. The 40cm thick steel plate has been installed and the footings have been poured.

Outside the construction of the main hospital works continue on the switch room near the Anne Caudle Centre and the new childcare center in Yarrington House. The construction of the small switch room is part of a project to bring power into the new hospital.

The roof on the childcare center has been completed and plastering has also commenced. The building is well on track to be the second fully completed one for the Bendigo Hospital Project later this year.

Progress can be monitored on the webcam available at the Bendigo Health website or through the viewing holes on Hope Street.

March 2014

The acute hospital is rapidly moving both up and out as construction accelerates. At the Arnold St end of the site the columns that will support the first floor are now visible above the hoarding. They will be followed soon by the formwork that will allow the pouring of the first floor.

The bulk excavation that was started by the Premier on 26th of August last year is now complete with around 149,000 tonnes of soil removed from site. Some detailed excavation will continue.

Both the slab on ground and ground floor are simultaneously being poured, extending the structure to the west.

The second tower crane, named Maximus, was erected over the 4th weekend in March. The foundations for the third tower crane, to the west of the second, are now also visible.

The precast concrete that is forming the walls of the basement continue to be erected along the perimeter, clearly defining the shape of the new hospital.

Closer to the Hope St end of the site the foundations for a stairwell are being constructed. Now that the bulk excavation has been completed the tiering of the ground towards the Hope St end can be seen, as can the pad footings for the new kitchen.

Works on the new childcare centre continue with the structure steel about to be erected.  Near the childcare centre the fit out and final works on the hotel also continue in advance of its expected opening in early May.

Over the next few months the upgrade of services to the entire hospital precinct will occur with works to occur on a range of locations outside the construction site. These works will facilitate the power, water and sewerage needs of the entire precinct and are occurring in conjunction with Bendigo Health.

Crane Naming

“It’s a really strong name for a really strong crane.”

That’s the reasoning behind Kennington resident Harvey Smith’s name for the second tower crane – Maximus.

The seven-year-old is the second winner of the Bendigo Hospital Project’s Name the Cranes competition, held in December.

The tower crane, which was erected last weekend, is now the second crane in operation on the Bendigo Hospital Project site.

Maximus is an M380d, which is a slightly larger crane than the first crane – BEN. Maximus is capable of lifting 5.3 tonnes and has a maximum reach of 53 metres.

Harvey, along with his mother Jane, younger brother Billy and Aunty Sharon, visited the project site with Victorian Premier Denis Napthine recently where Harvey was presented with some special items from project builder Lend Lease to remember the occasion.

“This has been an amazing day, that I will never forget,” Harvey said. “I hope Maximus does a good job building the hospital.”

Two more tower cranes will be erected on site over coming months and each will be named by a local child through the Name the Crane competition run by the Victorian Government, Bendigo Health, Exemplar Health and Lend Lease.

The Bendigo Hospital Project is being delivered by Exemplar Health which is a consortium made up of Capella Capital, Siemens, Lend Lease and Spotless.

January 2014

Work for 2014 started on the hospital site on 13 January and despite some incredibly hot weather the
project remains on schedule.

The first crane, named Ben, was erected on 18/19 January and will be followed by the second tower crane
in late March. As the crane assists with structural construction at the Arnold St end of the site excavation
continues at the Hope St end.

The bulk soil excavation is nearing completion with the part of the Hope St end of the site where the
kitchen will go within 50 cm of base. With around 102,000 of 123,000 tonnes now removed excavation is
expected to be completed by early March.

Viewers of the webcam on the Bendigo Health website can clearly see the progress being made on the
hospital structure. The walls for the basement car park are near completion and they will be rapidly
followed by the slab. As the slab on ground progresses across the site it will be followed by the first of the 8
suspended slabs in late February.

The last remnants of Mercy St, which dissected the site, have been removed. Upon completion in
December 2016 Mercy Street will have a new exit directly onto Arnold St.

On the inside of the hoardings a temporary haul road has been constructed. The road will improve access
the site for the construction materials and reduce dust. It will be removed at the conclusion of the

Progress also continues on other parts of the site. The demolitions required to allow for the construction of
the childcare centre will start in two weeks.

The new 128 room Art Series Bendigo Studio was successfully erected in only 6 days using modules
prefabricated off site. The hotel is expected to take its first guests in May allowing a few months for
completion of the building.

Neve names first crane

One of the Loddon Mallee’s smaller residents is behind the name of one of Bendigo’s tallest structures.

Wedderburn’s Neve Nisbet is the first winner of the Bendigo Hospital Project’s Name the Cranes competition, held in December.

The seven-year-old came up with the name Ben for the 55m tower crane, which was erected on the weekend and is now in operation on the Bendigo Hospital Project site.

Neve chose the name Ben in honour of the former Bendigo Base Hospital.

Neve, along with her mother, Michelle, and sister, Kelsea, visited the site today to meet the crane driver and Neve was presented with some special items to remember the occasion.

“I’m very excited to meet the crane driver and see the name I chose on the big crane,” Neve said. “I can’t wait to go back to school and tell everyone.”

Northern Victoria member Amanda Millar MLC attended on behalf of the Minister for Health and presented Neve with a certificate of appreciation.

“Congratulations to Neve, who came up with a name that is so clever and so simple,” Ms Millar said.

“The competition is a great way to link the community with the project and we have had strong participation.”

Exemplar Health CEO Michele Morrison said the community connection was critical to the successful delivery of the project.

“Successful delivery of the project relies not only on fulfilling the contractual obligations but also by working with the local community,” she said. “ Initiatives such as the crane naming are a part of that.”

Three more tower cranes will be erected on site over coming months and each will be named by a local child through the Name the Crane competition run by the Victorian Government, Bendigo Health, Exemplar Health and Lend Lease.

The Bendigo Hospital Project is being delivered by Exemplar Health which is a consortium made up of Capella Capital, Siemens, Lend Lease and Spotless.