New hospital retail precinct opens

Bendigo Health, Exemplar Health and Zouki Group representatives gather as the retail precinct opens.

January 25, 2017: The new Bendigo Hospital now offers patrons an array of quality retail and food outlets as Melbourne-based Zouki group, which operate cafes, convenience stores and retail precincts in more than 60 outlets across Australia.

Five new food, gift and convenience outlets were today opened by Exemplar Health chief executive, Michele Morrison, Bendigo Health chief executive, John Mulder and Zouki group executive director, Faddy Zouky.

Mr Zouky said one of the key gaps identified in traditional hospital designs from the past is the lack of retail facilities, and places for staff, patients, visitors and students to unwind and recharge in a busy hospital environment.

“We understand the demands of modern healthcare environments, and we have built a reputation of great service, fresh produce and quality retail to ensure we satisfy the needs of all patrons that are part of the hospital precinct.

“In Bendigo we are working with staff who have transferred from Bendigo Health’s hospitality outlets, and new staff who want work with us, all who choose to enjoy living and working in central Victoria.” He said the focus on local doesn’t stop there.

“Certainly 2017 is an exciting year for Zouki, we’re utilising local ingredients and goods by working with regional suppliers, and we’ve planned future staff benefits and opportunities for Spotless and Bendigo Health, while also looking forward to supporting the important work of the Bendigo Health Foundation,” said Mr Zouky.

Exemplar Health chief executive Michele Morrison said that the Zouki group will have eight outlets in total across the new hospital precinct.

“This week we have proudly opened stage one of the Bendigo Hospital Project, and in February we will commence works on stage two of the project, which is due for completion in mid-2018. These works will include the construction of a multi-deck carpark, helipad and link-bridge plus the establishment of three additional Zouki outlets, including a conference centre,” Ms Morrison said.

“On behalf of Bendigo Health and Exemplar Health, we officially welcome Zouki to Bendigo, and look forward to seeing this highly experienced company deliver quality foods and services to staff, patients and visitors to the hospital.”

Project update, December 2016

When the new Bendigo Hospital is opened in late January 2017, it will be home to one of the most up-to-date healthcare facilities in Australia, providing a world-class setting to treat and care for the residents of the Loddon Mallee region, close to home.

One highlight this month was Community Tours Day, when on Saturday December 3, Bendigo Health staff and volunteers, along with staff from the Bendigo Hospital Project teams welcomed around 3000 people, to experience the highlights of the new building. The three tours included features such as viewing intensive care units, the emergency department, the psychiatry precinct and inpatient rooms. You can experience the virtual tours by following this link:

While some works still continue, we are seeing 60 workers on site, a number that is reducing as the focus turns to external landscaping, while internally operational testing continues. By Christmas we envisage 40 workers will be on site. The landscaping this month includes the installation of outdoor fixtures such as bench-seats, drinking fountains and bins around the borders of Arnold, Mercy and Drought Streets. Tree planting and soft landscaping continues at the Mercy Street forecourt, while paving works are in progress in the therapeutic garden area.

The wayfinding signage is one of the keys to a great visitor experience and this month we will see the completion of both the wayfinding and all major building signage, inside and out.

Much of the furniture and equipment has arrived and is being installed, while artwork is starting to appear throughout the building, such as the traditional dreamtime works being installed in the Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) courtyard, and the stunning courtyard mural being created on level two’s psychiatry precinct.

The hospital’s heritage precinct works have made significant progress during November. For the historic Anne Caudle Centre building, these works have meant the installation of a new lift, which is disability-compliant. Contractors, Kane Constructions, have reduced activity this month, with four workers currently engaged through Bendigo Health, and some heritage precinct works will resume in the new year.

Technical completion (TC) of stage one of the new hospital was reached on November 14, one month earlier than scheduled. The Minister for Health, Hon. Jill Hennessy MP and Member for Bendigo East, Jacinta Allan MP, visited the site, to mark this highly important milestone in the life of the Bendigo Hospital Project. Early TC has brought about an opportunity for Bendigo Health to experience the new hospital environment earlier, during what is known as the ‘transition phase’. This allows each department and its staff to be appropriately prepared for their relocation, ensuring a seamless move, with the continuity of patient care.

External construction progress can still be monitored on the webcam available at the Bendigo Hospital Project website home page.

Minister visit for new hospital’s tick of approval

Monday, November 21: Construction of the $630 million world-class new Bendigo Hospital is finished one month ahead of schedule.
Minister for Health Jill Hennessy today joined Member for Bendigo East Jacinta Allan to celebrate the ‘technical completion’ of the new hospital that will open its doors to patients in late January.
After an extensive inspection, an independent reviewer issued a certificate last week giving the final construction works the tick of approval. Final testing can now be carried out to ensure the hospital meets specifications.
The early completion of the project means more than 3000 staff who will be transitioning into the new facility have access to the building a month early to complete training and induction, and orientation.
It also allows additional time to conduct more simulation exercises and readiness testing to ensure a smooth move day when patients will be transferred to the new hospital.
“We’re putting patients in Bendigo first, ensuring they can access the very best healthcare when they need it, close to home. This world-class new hospital will do just that,” she said.
Finishing touches now underway include installation of cutting edge medical equipment, landscaping and the delivery of new furniture such as trolleys, cabinets and chairs. There are now about 150 workers still onsite.
The massive new hospital – regional Victoria’s largest ever hospital project – was signed off by the former Labor Government in 2010, and will create an additional 220 jobs in its first 12 months.
When it opens next year, it will have capacity for 372 inpatient beds, 72 same-day beds, 11 operating theatres, an integrated cancer centre, a new 25-bed maternity unit and an 80-bed mental health unit.
In 2016/17, Bendigo Health will receive $275.25 million in funding from the Labor Government. This is $32.17 million – or 13.2 per cent – more than provided the previous financial year in order to expand services when the new Bendigo Hospital opens.

Operational staff training starts

 The focus surrounding the new Bendigo Hospital has shifted to the training and orientation of Bendigo Health staff.

“The finishing touches are going on the building from a construction perspective and we are less than three months away from opening this state of the art facility,” said Bendigo West MP, Maree Edwards.

“The next few months will be a busy, but exciting time for more than 3000 Bendigo Health staff who will complete training, orientation and induction into the new hospital.

“For many staff, this will be their first opportunity to see, touch and learn about their new environment and I’m sure they are very excited about that.”

The training, orientation and induction program will be delivered by the hospital project’s consortium, Exemplar Health, in conjunction with Bendigo Health.

“This transition period is all about ensuring our staff are ready to operate the new facility when it comes time to open,” said Bendigo Health board chair, Bob Cameron.

“New equipment training, familiarisation, testing and simulations are just some of the activities that will be undertaken right up until the day the doors open.”

The $630 million Bendigo Hospital Project is Victoria’s largest regional hospital development, delivering world-class healthcare in a tranquil and caring environment for patients, staff, and visitors.The new hospital has been ten years in the planning, designing and building phases. Construction of the facility began in 2013, and is scheduled to open in late January 2017.

Restoring heritage buildings to former glory

Although the new Bendigo Hospital cuts an imposing figure on the city’s skyline, heritage buildings that have stood the test of time are also benefiting from the Bendigo Hospital Project. Works to restore Bendigo Health’s heritage buildings continue and once complete, will become an important feature of the overall precinct.

“We know Bendigo has an incredibly rich architectural history and this is something we want to celebrate,” Bendigo East MP Jacinta Allan said during a tour of the restoration site. “The works associated with heritage restoration include the Hope Street wall, the Anne Caudle Centre, the former Lying-in Hospital, West Wing, Concert Hall and the former Superintendent’s Building.

“Once the restoration and associated landscaping works are complete, these magnificent buildings will once again shine.”

Earlier this week, a new entrance to the majestic Anne Caudle Centre building opened, complete with three level lift and disabled access.

External works on the West Wing, Concert Hall and Old Lying-In Hospital are complete and internal refurbishment continues.

“These buildings will be repurposed for offices and internal staff training, so not only will they look fantastic, but they will be put to good use,” Bendigo Health board chair, Bob Cameron, said.

Heritage works and associated landscaping throughout this precinct will continue until around the second half of 2017.

Construction update, November 2016

Providing a world-class hospital that can deliver high quality healthcare services for patients in the Loddon Mallee region for years to come is becoming, more than ever, a reality, as the new Bendigo Hospital reaches its crucial completion stage.
Stage One of this hospital construction project is substantially complete, and it is expected that the new Bendigo Hospital will open to the public in late January, 2017, following the completion of clinical equipment installation, staff training and a patient move day.

Right now, landscaping, equipment and furniture arrivals, readiness testing and operational preparedness are all proceeding during this important, completion and validation phase. Signage is also being applied throughout the building as a part of the wayfinding designs, and from the outside, the Bendigo Health logo and other main signs are now installed.

On the work site, there are approximately 150 workers, divided into three major roles: technical installations and testing, civil works and landscaping and construction finalisation.

Healthcare staff
Relocation planning, training and induction have been a major focus for staff, as Bendigo Health employees prepare for the move into the new facility. Recently staff members have attended forums to prepare them for site access. They learned safety protocols and what to expect in this new state-of-the-art building as it transitions from a construction site, into a functional hospital. This will ensure staff members are engaged with new technologies and familiar with the layout and designs in the new facility. This training prepares staff for the ‘transition’ phase which begins this month too, an important step that helps staff function effectively in their new environment, by working through ‘real life’ scenarios in the hospital.

Furniture and Equipment
Deliveries continue to keep the project teams busy, as trolleys, cabinets, monitor stands, recliner chairs and many more items are received, being then quickly dispatched to their appropriate location. Testing and tagging of equipment is taking place, a strong signal that the project’s operational opening is moving closer.

Landscaping is progressing at a rapid rate, and dozens of advanced trees, freshly transplanted, now flank the new building. Courtyards throughout the new hospital, both internal and external are now completed.

Heritage buildings
In the historic precinct, which primarily fronts onto 100 Barnard Street, the works to the Anne Caudle Centre, Concert Hall, West Wing and other heritage buildings are in the process of completion, as part of Bendigo Health’s works plan. Approximately 12 workers are on site for these works, which has included installing a new entrance, including a lift and disability toilets, to the Anne Caudle Centre building and also refurbishing the West Wing, in preparation for repurposing into office workplaces for Bendigo Health staff.

Important roadworks
Roadworks around the Bendigo Hospital precinct have been in full swing this month, in both Arnold and Lucan Streets. All works were completed on November 15, and were carried out to upgrade kerbs, traffic islands and road surfaces. Full details of these roadworks are featured in October’s Construction Update.

Technical completion milestone achieved
The Bendigo Hospital Project has achieved early technical completion for Stage One this month, on November 14, 2016. More details about this important milestone will be included in early December’s Construction Update and an upcoming media release.

External construction progress can still be monitored on the webcam available at this Bendigo Hospital Project website home page.

Jobs boost as new Bendigo Hospital welcomes new retail tenant

Sixty new retail and hospitality jobs will be created at the new Bendigo Hospital when it opens, Bendigo East MP, Jacinta Allan, announced today. While inspecting the new Bendigo Hospital construction site today, Ms Allan congratulated retail and hospitality specialist, Zouki, the company that has been awarded the tender for the full array of retail services at the new Bendigo Hospital.
“This is very good news, because these 60 additional jobs are on top of the 220 full-time and part-time new healthcare roles, previously announced by the State Government, for the coming year.
“With 10 years of planning, design and building, we are now really seeing the ongoing jobs benefits,” she said.

According to project consortium Exemplar Health’s chief executive Michele Morrison, the Zouki group is a highly experienced company, and an ideal fit for the new Bendigo Hospital.
“The Zouki outlets within the new hospital will ensure that everyone who comes to the hospital, be it as a staff member, patient or visitor, will be able to access an outstanding array of healthy meals, snacks, gifts, flowers, convenience goods and services,” Ms Morrison said.
“The Zouki bid has fully accommodated our vision for the new hospital and this announcement will boost local employment, with the Zouki group forecasting to employ more than 190 local staff across both stages of the project,” she explained.

The successful bid by Zouki, which in Stage One of the project, includes five shops: quality food, convenience, floristry and gift store, ‘The Larder’; wholesome natural eatery, ‘The Green Shop Organic’; cart-style coffee-bar, ‘Coffeebox’, plus fresh food, juice and salad bar, ‘Healthy Fillings’. The fifth outlet is Zouki’s centrepiece brasserie-café which will be open from breakfast to dinner. A ‘name the café’ competition for this flagship new hospital outlet will be offered to Bendigo Health and Spotless staff, with the winner and winning café name to be announced later this year.
The Melbourne-based Zouki group has more than 60 outlets active across Australia, operating in many public and private hospital settings, including the Royal Women’s Hospital, Epworth Geelong and Box Hill Hospital in Victoria.

This retail announcement is in response to a stringent process carried out by Exemplar Health, which included an ‘expression of interest’ (EOI) stage that shortlisted 27 applicants. The EOI was followed by a three-month request-for-proposal (RFP) submission phase, and more recently, a shortlisting interview process with Exemplar Health and Bendigo Health.
Zouki executive director, Mr Faddy Zouky, expressed delight about being part of the Bendigo Hospital Project.
“On behalf of my brothers, I am thrilled to be involved in such a landmark project, and we look forward to adding value to the Bendigo community, its local commercial supply chains, the thriving Bendigo Health staff community and culture, while also making a positive philanthropic contribution to the Bendigo Health Foundation,” Mr Zouky said.
Bendigo Health chief executive, John Mulder said staff, patients, their families and everybody who spends time at the hospital would benefit from the decision. “Having high quality food and retail choices will enhance the quality of the hospital experience in this state-of-the-art facility, and of course the jobs boost is welcomed,” Mr Mulder said.
“Some of these positions will be offered to Bendigo Health staff members who are currently employed at various shops and cafes on the hospital campus, as Zouki will be prioritising these existing hospital personnel in the job application process, and many employment opportunities will be locally advertised in due course.”

Community Tours day annouced

Local residents will have the opportunity to see inside the new Bendigo Hospital before it is officially opened to the public.

A Community Tours day will be held on Saturday December 3, allowing around 2800 ticket holders the opportunity to gain a sneak peek into the new facility.

“This incredible project is something our community should be very proud of,” said Member for Bendigo East, Jacinta Allan, during a tour of the new hospital with Bendigo Health Board Chair, Bob Cameron.

“This will be a free ticketed event and tours will be about 25 minutes long. Among the areas to be toured on the day will be Emergency, Medical Imaging, Cancer Centre, Intensive Care Unit and Psychiatry.”

Spaces are limited and people are encouraged to get in early to book a scheduled tour time when registrations open on October 24.

For those who miss out on a ticket, Bendigo Health will be releasing videos on the Bendigo Hospital Project website, showcasing each of the scheduled tours that will be staged on the day.

Bendigo Health Board Chair, Bob Cameron, said with around three months remaining before the new Bendigo Hospital opens its doors, the finishing touches are being put on the new facility.

“It is an extremely busy time for the Bendigo Hospital Project and we are grateful that the hospital project’s consortium, Exemplar Health, can accommodate our request to allow community access at this early stage,” Mr Cameron.

“We know that a lot of people are excited about this project and want to see inside the new facility and this is an opportunity for them to do so.”

Registrations will open on the Bendigo Hospital Project website at 9am on Monday 24 October, and will be closed once the allocation is exhausted.

The $630 million Bendigo Hospital Project is Victoria’s largest regional hospital development, delivering world-class healthcare in a tranquil and caring environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

Construction of the new hospital began in 2013, and is scheduled to open in late January 2017.

Construction update, October 2016

Construction on regional Victoria’s newest public hospital development is progressing to schedule, with the final stages of Stage One works underway. The project focus is the completion of the building’s internal fit-out, installation of equipment and, of course, relocation planning. Now, and in the coming months, there is also much activity around orientation and training programs for Bendigo Health staff, to ensure staff members are engaged with new technologies and familiar with the layout and designs in the new facility.
Landscaping works have significantly progressed, as advanced-growth gum trees start to line the boundary areas of the building, which is most notable along Drought and Arnold Streets. Also trees are now established along Mercy Street’s nature-strips, and its proposed street extension that will eventually be a thoroughfare to Arnold Street. Courtyards throughout the new building are also being finalised, with the last planting tasks occurring.
Equipment and furniture
In the coming weeks more clinical and non-clinical equipment and furniture will arrive onsite, and currently tasks such as the testing and tagging of medical equipment are taking place. Audio-visual equipment throughout the new facility is being switched on and configured, a strong signal that the project’s technical completion is moving closer.
Graphic features
Inside the building feature walls are being created, as art images showcasing bold, local landscape and aerial photographs are installed. These wall installations use images that correspond with the new hospital’s interior design colour palette – achieving a great finishing touch to each floor.
Construction site
In October we’re seeing approximately 220 workers on site. The main site access point for deliveries relating to the building works has changed, from Drought Street to Gate Two along Arnold Street. The demolition of buildings to make way for extensive landscaping is still in progress, including around the old ‘aids and appliances’ building, where works have started. Recent site demolition has included pulling down the old hospital kitchen and supply stores, Perrin Plaza and the staff amenities block. Works by Bendigo Health at the Anne Caudle Centre building are still progressing, which includes the installation of a lift for the new entrance area. This landmark building’s internal fit-out is also progressing well. For other historic buildings on the site, such as the old ‘lying-in’ hospital, the internal finishing stage is almost complete. Stage One of this hospital construction project is approximately 90 per cent complete, and it is expected that the new Bendigo Hospital will open to the public in late January, 2017, following the completion of clinical equipment installation, staff training and patient move day. Move planning is also a major task at this point in time, as staff teams from Bendigo Health plan the transition from old to new.
Roadworks in November
Upcoming roadworks to upgrade the present infrastructure related to the Bendigo Hospital Project and its precinct will occur in early to mid-November, however access to Bendigo Hospital on Lucan Street remains open. All part-lane closures and diversions will apply as per signage, and motorists are advised to adhere to the work zone speed limit of 40 km/h.
Times: 7am to 6pm, November 7 to 15, (excluding Sundays)
Location: Southwards from Stewart and Drought Streets
Reason: Reinstatement of kerb/traffic island
Times: 7am to 6pm, November 14 to 15
Location: Outside current Bendigo Hospital entrance
Reason: Road improvements, resurfacing and line-marking works
Please note: Westbound ‘Bendigo Base Hospital’ Bus Stop for routes 50/51 will be relocated, to the east side of the Bendigo Hospital entrance, opposite Schaller Studio Hotel

Spring 2016 – Newsletter

Published in the Bendigo Weekly on September 23, 2016– the special Bendigo Hospital Project Newsletter is a four-page special lift-out feature showcasing all the latest highlights. It’s a great source of information in the lead-up to the second part of the year, where we’ll see much of the Bendigo Hospital Project completed … before it opens in 2017.

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