Construction update – July 2014

All four of the tower cranes at the Bendigo Hospital Project are now working simultaneously in a sign of the high rate of construction activity on site.

The temporary dirt ramp from Drought St into the site has now been removed and this will allow the final sections of the ground floor slab to be finished by the middle of July.

Structural construction for the Oncology Ward at the western end of the site is now well underway and is generally comprised of two portions, one which is common with the majority of the hospital and the smaller specialised bunkers. The bunkers have been specially designed to contain the radiation being emitted from the linear accelerators with some walls being wider than others.

At the eastern end of the site the design of the hospital is now becoming apparent in the form of the slabs with atrium for the street now in place and the structure for the angular cross over bridges being constructed.

Preparations for the level 3 suspended slab are underway and as a result the number of form workers has increased to around 135. This will continue to rise as the hospitals structure does. It is at the 3rd level that another design feature will be clear with the building being set back from Arnold St.

The point, called a corbel, at which the 2 story air bridge over Arnold St will connect with the hospital is now in place.

In the basement car park the form work is being stripped out and the finishing trades are moving in. An internal brick wall will be constructed to allow ventilation of car exhaust and drainage along with lighting and the associated electrical infrastructure.

Across the road the finishing trades are at work in the childcare centre with the plastering and structure mostly finished and a few of the wall to ceiling window/doors to be installed. The high levels of natural light that will flow through the centre from the many windows and skylights are also now clear to see.

Progress can be monitored on the webcam available on this website, at or through the viewing holes on Hope Street.

Information current 27 June 2014

Bendigo Hospital Project construction update – July 2014

June and July 2014

Notification of variation to normal working hours – June and July 2014

Dear Resident,
Over the next three weekends three of the four cranes on site will have their height raised. This will require some construction activity outside of regular working hours.

Details on the following days there will be work taking place between our usual approved working hours of 7.00am and 5.00pm:

  • Saturday 21st June
  • Saturday 28th June
  • Saturday 5th July

On the following days there will be work taking place outside of our regular working hours:

  • Sunday 22nd June
  • Sunday 29th June
  • Sunday 6th July

On the above Sunday’s, the work will take place between 7.00am and 5.00pm. In event of poor weather on any of those weekends there will be work onsite on Sunday 13th of July between 7.00am and 5.00pm.
Approval for the working in excess of our regular construction times as been granted by the State Governement.

Reminder about the regular construction times
Unless otherwise approved, construction activity on the site is restricted by our planning permits and will generally occur between 7.00am – 5.30pm Monday to Saturday. Work is permitted to occur up till 7.00pm weekdays and until 5.00pm on Saturdays. The site will generally be closed on Sundays and public holidays.

How to contact the project
If you have any questions over the course of the project you can contact us via the following;
Phone: 1300 624 246

June 2014

Those viewing the construction of the hospital from Arnold St will have noted that the height of the structure has increased over the past few weeks as the formwork for the next level was erected.

The pouring of concrete for the third suspended slab, for what will be the Pathology Department on the second floor of the hospital, begins this week. The slab will then continue westwards in the same way as has occurred for lower levels over the past few months.

This process will be repeated with each floor until the east building structure is topped off in December. At that stage the height of the structure will be around its finished height of 36.5m, around the current height of the cabin on the crane named Ben. Over the past month the final of the 4 tower cranes, named Lucy, has been erected. In the next few weeks the height of 3 of the cranes will be increased in line with the building structure. For example Ben will rise another 12 meters so the cabin is around 45m high.

There are now around 200 workers onsite and this number will increase substantially over the next 6 months.

At the Hope St end of the site footings for the foundations of the smaller west building are underway and the intricate construction of the cancer bunkers is well under way. The 40cm thick steel plate has been installed and the footings have been poured.

Outside the construction of the main hospital works continue on the switch room near the Anne Caudle Centre and the new childcare center in Yarrington House. The construction of the small switch room is part of a project to bring power into the new hospital.

The roof on the childcare center has been completed and plastering has also commenced. The building is well on track to be the second fully completed one for the Bendigo Hospital Project later this year.

Progress can be monitored on the webcam available at the Bendigo Health website or through the viewing holes on Hope Street.